The Cherry Stone Duo "Oh, there's such a lot of things to do and such a lot to be, that there's always lots of cherries on my little cherry tree" - A.A Milne

The Cherry Stone Duo

As students of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Will Crawford (Guitar) and Emily Hopper (Harp) formed the Cherry Stone Duo in 2017 and have been playing together ever since. They deliver an original and innovative sound aiming to explore the potential these two instruments can create together and to share this rare chamber ensemble with audiences everywhere.

They have spent the last few years building up repertoire for this rare combination of instruments, including original compositions, transcriptions, commissions. They now have a large repertoire consisting of classical, romantic, contemporary and even some jazz and pop arrangements. The Duo regularly perform in masterclasses to visiting professional, in 2018 the Duo had the privilege of performing to Anne Denholm (Hermes Quartet and Former official harpist to HRH The Prince of Wales) who said about the Duo:

“The Cherry Stone Duo are a very promising young duo of two sincere musicians. I greatly enjoyed listening to their music and continue to follow their onwards journey.”

The Cherry Stone Duo regularly perform in different venues across Birmingham such as The Museum and Arts Gallery, The ICC and Birmingham Central Synagogue. In Summer 2018 the Duet won the annual Henrietta Renié Harp and Chamber Prize. In 2019 The Cherry Stone Duo released their debut EP “A Dance of Mermaids” which can be found on all major streaming services including iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. The EP consist of an original composition and transcription by guitarist Will Crawford and two pieces written by Eric Marchelie for Harp and Guitar. Most recently the Duo have founded a charitable fundraising programme called Music For the Trees which hosts bi-monthly concerts across Birmingham raising money for reforestation programmes.

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Cherry Stones | April 3, 2018

If you have wandered upon our site and are wondering why we decided to name our duet: ‘The Cherry Stone Duo’ we must first venture back to 1927. A. A. Milne (author of the ‘Winnie The Pooh’ novels, and a certain hero of mine) had just published the book of children’s poems: ‘Now We Are Six’. You may have this book stored away in the attic in a box titled ‘childhood’ or perhaps it is still sat on your bookshelf, I recommend reopening it and finding the poem titled: ‘Cherry Stones’

If not, simply read on… (more…)

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