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An insight into the Cherry Stone Duo | September 25, 2020

Throughout the few years that we have been playing together, we have performed various exciting gigs all across the country. No matter where we play, we tend to get similar questions asked so we thought we would collate them into one blog post to answer our most frequently asked questions, just in case you were wondering the same thing!


Choosing the right arrangement | September 6, 2020

Since we started our duet we have always been faced with the small issue of a lack of repertoire. On one hand we could blame ourselves for choosing a rather unique combination of instruments which obviously have not had the history or prestige of the more traditional string quartet or piano trio; but on the other hand we actually quite enjoy the fact we have a limited amount of repertoire, it creates a sense of excitement when we discover a new piece and creates huge amounts of potential for the duo in the eyes of composers and publishers. Sometimes though, we really want to be able to place a well-known piece into our recital, a classic from history which everyone loves. In this case I often turn to arranging.


Music when the world stood still | August 19, 2020

On the 23rd of March 2020, lockdown hit the UK and the country came to a standstill. After watching the rest of the world slowly close their borders and go into lockdown, it was no surprise when the UK followed suite. Suddenly, everyday activities that we had previously taken for granted became distant memories and mundane activities such as doing the weekly shop became a fight for survival.

For many of us, life ground to a halt as schools, universities and workplaces closed and we were forced to become creative in finding comforts and amusements in our own homes. Travelling was only possible through dusting off the books from the back of bookshelves or by experimenting in the kitchen with exotic spices and recipes.


Cherry Stones | April 3, 2018

If you have wandered upon our site and are wondering why we decided to name our duet: ‘The Cherry Stone Duo’ we must first venture back to 1927. A. A. Milne (author of the ‘Winnie The Pooh’ novels, and a certain hero of mine) had just published the book of children’s poems: ‘Now We Are Six’. You may have this book stored away in the attic in a box titled ‘childhood’ or perhaps it is still sat on your bookshelf, I recommend reopening it and finding the poem titled: ‘Cherry Stones’

If not, simply read on… (more…)

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